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What is Craniopathy?
Craniopathy is a specialist field in Chiropractic which deals with the micro motion of the cranial vault(skull), its distortions and ultimately the effect it has on normal cerebro-spinal fluid flow and the nervous system. This science has been developed through study, research and clinical application over the last fifty years by Dr. M.B. Dejarnette.

The brain and spinal cord form the central nervous system of the body coordination all tissues, organs and systems within the body.

Cerebro-Spinal Fluid (C.S.F.)

The brain represents 80% of the central nervous system and is contained and protected by the skull (Cranium). The cranial vault is made up of eight cranial bones joined together at sutures (tongue and groove joints) which allows for cranial micro motion.

C.S.F. Flow
A very special function takes place in the human body that is absolutely essential to good he alt. It is the circulation throughout the nervous system of C.S.F. C.S.F. is created in four compartments in the brain and is supplied to the nervous system through the gentle pulsing action created by breathing.

Cranial Motion
In order to allow the brain to expand and contract the cranial vault has to comply accordingly. On inhalation the cranium expands, the sutures separate and allow the brain to expand. On exhalation the brain contracts and the sutures close. This is micro motion of the cranium.

Sacro-Occipital Pump

The dural membrane (the tension membranes) not only anchors in the cranial vault (in particular at the occiput), but it also anchors at the sacrum holding the spinal cord in position so that it does not rotate or become displaced by normal movement.

Cranial Distortions

  • This can occur when the body is subjected to stresses to which it cannot adapt. Stresses in the form of:

  • physical – birth trauma, sports injuries, motor accidents

  • Chemical – food additives, drugs

  • environmental pollution

  • emotional

* TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) is a very common misalignment leading to difficulty chewing, Talking and migraine headaches

These can cause pelvic and spinal distortions and these imbalances create a tightening of the muscles on the outer surface of the cranium and tension on the membranes inside the cranial vault.

The cranium distorts accordingly and the cranial bones move out of alignment pulling on the brain, twisting the spine and imbalancing the sacro-occipital pump mechanism.This interferes with free C.S.F. flow, creates toxicity, affects nutrition and impedes essential nerve energy conduction to all parts of the body.

Correction of Cranial Distortions
Chiropractors are the only people in the health field who are qualified to stabilize the pelvis and cranium. The precise analysis and gentle corrections used boy your Chiropractor can remove many of the effects of cranial stress and distortions and help restore the brain and the nervous system to its normal function.

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