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Thank you very much to all of our wonderful patients. Our clinic is truly blessed to have such an amazing patient family. It is an honor to serve you with the art, gift, and quality health care that is chiropractic.

 ~ Dr. Christine Meshew

Pregnancy Reviews



1) Low Back issues during pregnancy

2) Morning Sickness

3) Breech Presentation

4) Smooth Delivery with Minimal Labor Discomfort

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What brought me into the office for care was starting at 26 weeks of pregnancy I was desperate, in much pain (lower back). I couldn’t even walk 6 feet at times due to pinched nerves and spinal misalignment. I then continued care with Dr. Meshew every week until 6 weeks post-partum. I plan to continue treatment!

Dr. Meshew provided me instant relief and healing. It was almost too bizarre to have immediate results! One night I was in agony and couldn’t get out of bed without pain (and assistance). After my visit the next morning I was up & down & completely agile, freely moving, unencumbered. These results lasted, and as my pregnancy brought new physical shifts and challenges, they were immediately addressed and “fixed” (I’m still amazed at the “fixed” part.)

I carry 4 business cards of Dr. Meshew’s in my purse at all times just in case I have an opportunity to share my testimony with others and refer people in need to her. I also have recommended her care to many of my dearest friends and family members, online, on the phone and in person. I have also had my 3 year old daughter and newborn son adjusted by her. This surely attest to my faith, trust and confidence in her care & practice.

Jennifer Hoof

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What brought me into the office for care was pregnancy care for nausea, vomiting, etc.

I fell amazing after my first session itself. My nausea calmed down and I haven’t had any pain in the back or anywhere else In my body, no swelling in my feet. I would recommend any pregnant woman to come to Dr. Meshew. She will take care of all the problems and she will make sure the baby is in the correct position and you will enjoy your pregnancy throughout. This treatment works wonderful on a pregnant woman.

Sushma P.

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What brought me into the office was the care for my child who was very listless, vomiting, diarrhea and a weak cough. He had previously seen a Pediatrician without any improvement.

Results: Patrick no longer is listless when he gets sick & bounces back quicker.  Chiropractic for children is the most natural, safe and inexpensive wonderful health care available.

Parent of Patrick A.

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I’ve received Chiropractic care for over 5 years from Dr. Meshew and have brought my 3 children for the last year.  As my children have gone through various growth stages and normal bumps and falls, it’s been reassuring to know that their systems are kept in alignment and they will be able to avoid long-term issues from these minor injuries. Dr. Meshew does a great job finding things that are out of alignment and fixing them. She is very patient with the children and answers all of their questions, including mine. I would recommend others to Dr. Christine Meshew

Yolanda Matheson

Allergies, Asthma and Hayfever Reviews

Causes of Allergies, Asthma and Hayfever

Allergies can be due to both airborne issues or digestive issues.


However, the underlying problem is generally more deep rooted. Possibly an emotional component or weak immune system due to some hereditary problem, etc.


Chiropractic & Acupuncture care can easily assist & usually cure allergies with sometimes the assistance of homeopathy, herbs & supplements.

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“Before I saw Dr. Meshew, I was suffering with asthma and chronic sinusitis so severe that I was very dependent upon an inhalant in order to breathe normally. After several months, I began to find myself standing up taller, breathing deeper and not needing an inhalant so frequently. I can even exercise without the fear of contracting “exercise asthma.” Now my daughter and I both come in for care on a regular basis. My daughter has similar breathing problems as well as TMJ problems. Because my daughter is young and constantly changing and growing she is needing fairly regular visits to monitor her cranium. While her teeth change and erupt naturally she is needing to be under the care of a Pediatric Orthodontist along with Dr Meshew. My hope and expectation is for her to not need braces. Because Dr. Meshew is a “Certified Craniopath and Pediatric Chiropractor” I feel very confident that she is the best person to maintain good health for my daughter and I.”

C.S. – Seattle

Headache Reviews

Causes of Headaches

There are many types of headaches that people suffer from and can widely vary from one person to the next and from one type to another within one person’s body. It could be a cluster headache, migraines with a halo effect, pounding, or throbbing sensation. Sometimes headaches can last for a few minutes to a few days, depending upon the severity of the condition and any secondary underlying problems.


There are many causes of headaches for example:


1. Whiplash (acute or chronic)

2. Upper neck misalignment

3. TM] misalignment

4. Allergies

5. Sinus pressure colds

6. Toxic liver

7. Visual impairments (wearing wrong eyeglass magnification, etc.)

8. Working under fluorescent lighting

9. Birth trauma

10. Head injuries (past or present)

11. Sleeping with wrong type of pillow

12. Asthma

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What brought me into the office was pain as a result of a car accident, In the head, neck and low back.  I felt weak and not able to get through a day with Very much energy.  Also, not able to sleep well, due to pain.

Chiropractic has helped my pain. I feel better than I did. I feel somewhat better now with more energy.  Some less pain, and I ‘m sleeping a little better sometimes. I noticed some relief fairly soon within a week or so.  It’s been gradual, but definitely noticeable.  I like having more energy.

Thank you.

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What brought me into the office was an auto accident that caused a severe headache along with neck pain. Also, had lots of body pain radiating from the neck/shoulder/back.

GOOD! It only took a few visits before I started seeing improvement. The Acupuncture had amazing results the first time and helped relieve a super intense headache where it had been hard to open my eyes or function,

Would you recommend someone else to our office?
Yes. I’ve definitely had good results Dr. Meshew takes a lot of time to make sure everything is healing properly every appointment.

Riley S.

Neck Pain Reviews

Causes of Neck Pain

1) Disc bulging leading to spinal nerve root inflammation can result in the following symptoms:  (advanced stage of pinched nerve)

  • Numbness in fingertips and hands

  • Tingling burning pain down the shoulder, arm and hand

  • Hot burning feeling in the neck

2) Severe neck trauma can result in the following symptoms: 

Stiffness with difficulty looking over the shoulder

Pain radiating in to the head causing secondary symptoms: 

  • Headaches

  • Dizziness

  • Abnormal blood pressure issues

3) Generalized Chronic Neck Issues

a) Compromised visual issues

b) Ringing or buzzing in the ears

c) Facial pain

d) Numbness / weakness arms / hands

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What originally brought me into Dr. Meshew’s office was reoccurring neck stiffness & pain with numbness in my fingers. The Chiropractic results are amazingly quick within 1-3 treatments. I like the varied treatment approach that she uses. Nothing is “canning”. Dr. Meshew responds to what is needed and has a wide variety of ways in bringing relief. I have also referred my daughter in for care who reported that she was pleased at the results, (Having tried many doctors before finding her).

Thank you Dr. Christine Meshew

Nivritti S.

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What brought me into Dr. Meshew’s office was motivated by a friend of mine who felt significantly better overall after seeing her. So I decided to see her due to a serious auto injury 12 years ago.  Within 5 Chiropractic visits my horrible headaches disappeared and I could sleep comfortably. I was becoming increasingly less functional with reduced range of motion. I am very encouraged. I have referred several people in who also are pleased with their results.

Patti M.

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What brought me into the office was pain in the low back and neck. Acute pain in the lower back especially.

Good results with relief immediately or within an additional 2-3 visits. Ongoing maintenance care keeps the incidence of acute pain in check.

I would definitely recommend someone else to the office.

Karelle A.

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What brought me into the office was months of treatment with steroids and physical therapy for bulging disc in my neck and lower back.  I was right back where I started. The pain was severe and constant and the only treatments recommended were repeats of what I had already done.  Even though the doctor warned against Chiropractic treatments I decided to try Dr. Meshew on a friend’s recommendation.

By my second visit for Chiropractic treatment, the pain was drastically reduced.  Within three weeks my pain was totally gone.  Acupuncture treatments have also helped.  While my numbness is not gone (in the hand), it is significantly reduced ad continues to improve.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Meshew!

Mark J.

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"Dr. Meshew has helped me immensely since I started seeing her several months ago.  Dr.Meshew's practice focuses on full body, natural health.  I had gone to another chiropractor for years & never experienced much pain relief beyond a day or so. I can comfortably say that I am 95% pain free for the first time in YEARS. As a photographer with a physically demanding job, it is essential to my health & career that I stay healthy & feel my best.  I started treatment for neck, shoulder, & hip pain that is now nearly non-existent, & I was able to survive a busy season healthy & happy. I never felt rushed or "like a number" at her clinic. She addresses all my concerns & spends a lot of time with me each visit. Now that I am in the "maintenance" phase I am exploring other modalities with her such as NET (Neuro-emotional technique), acupuncture, nutritional support & more!


Additionally, she has been helping my sports-obsessed son with various injuries & optimizing her performance. Bonus is that her Chiropractic Clinic is conveniently located in Shoreline, WA just off I-5 north of Seattle." 

Emily Ann T.

Low Back Pain Reviews

Causes of Low Back Pain


There are many causes of low back pain, including sciatica,


a. Lifting something too heavy


b. Falling backwards into the low back


c. Sleeping on poor mattress


d. Sitting in a non-ergonomic work station


e. Wearing incorrect shoes


f. Possible congenital short leg creating unequal gaiting


g. Too much weight in the abdominal region either from pregnancy or overweight


h. Flaccid muscle tone of the abdominal muscles




a. Difficulty sitting, walking or standing without pain in the low back

b. Stabbing, achey or sharp shooting pain in the low back, buttock etc.

c. Sciatica pain traveling down both or either leg

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What brought me into the office for care was low back pain and neck pain.

Good! It only took a few days to kick in.
I have already recommended someone into the office.

Giselle W

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What brought me into the office for care was extreme pain in lower back. Stiff and unable to move.

Got immediate relief within two visits—approximately 80%. Hit a plateau for approximately 3 weeks and then suddenly after some work an experiencing total and complete relief. REMARKABLE!

Mardig Sheridan

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What brought me in into Dr. Meshew’s office for Chiropractic and Acupuncture care was [primarily for low back pain that I had been suffering from for over a year. The low back pain caused shooting pains every time I took a step, causing headaches. I also had only been working about 12 hours/week for over 3 years because of my feeling exhausted and an overall feeling of malaise. After receiving both Chiropractic and Acupuncture care.  I felt some relief right away. The shooting pains in my back went away after just one treatment, but would come back with heavy activity. I kept receiving treatment for it and I am much better now.
The fatigue and malaise gradually got better with steady treatments and after 6 months I had “upped” my work hours to 20 hours/week.  After 11 months of care, I was working full time for the first time in my life.

Autum O.

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What brought me into the office for care was lower back pain that was making it difficult to sleep & exercise.  It was keeping me from experiencing the life I wanted to live.

I feel very positive about the care I received.  My back hurts significantly less which has allowed me to participate in all the active activities I was missing out on before zi started seeing Dr. Meshew.  It took about 2 months to see a huge improvement.

YES!! I would recommend Dr. Meshew.  Dr. Meshew personalized my experience to my specific needs.  She also focused on entire body alignment rather than just spot checking.  My results are great!  I

Feel more balanced and confident to go do the activities I want to do.

Thanks Dr. Meshew!

Tyler R.

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What brought me into the office was because of severe abdominal and back pain. The pain was so intense that I was unable to drive to my appointments. My Aunt had to drive while I stretched out, as much as possible, in the back seat. I was unable to sit up or stand for more than a few minutes at a time.

My first visit was on April 27th and by mid-June, 1 ½ months later, I was able to drive to my appointments for myself. That was a real improvement for me after many months of severe pain. Since then, I have made great strides and have rejoined the living. After a long absence, my sense of humor is returning. I am able to do the things to do the things I want to do. I can’t thank you enough for giving me back my life.

Betty Hedgequist.

5-Star Chiropractic Review.png

SYMPTOMS: What brought me to the office was that I needed Chiropractic care for long
term hip & lower back issues after I moved to Seattle.

Results: I am very positive of my results. Chiropractic—different method than I was used to. But I really enjoyed the traction & the whole body approach, not just localized. Acupuncture—This was a new treatment for me & it has helped not only with pain but with other issues related to energy levels & diabetes.

I would recommend others. Dr. Meshew takes a whole body approach and always has ready advice & recommendations for alternate treatment methods in order to address my issues & concerns.

Amie J.

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What brought me into the office for care was that I have had previous exposure to Chiropractic in past years. When Dr. Meshew’s office staff were at the business fair at my place of employ. I was happy to approach them with questions. I had a bad car accident in 1989 that had injured my hip, low back, neck and left shoulder. I felt that Chiropractic would be helpful in keeping these problems at bay. I found the staff at the fair very pleasant and utterly helpful in answering my questions. Since I started coming here I have had 2 on the job injuries for which I have also sought Chiropractic over the conventional therapies. One of them involved my ankle and left hip. The other one was my right shoulder.

I couldn’t be happier with the results of my career. Dr. Meshew is very attuned to her patients and is an excellent Chiropractic practitioner. Her work on my long neglected injuries from my accidents have brought me to a higher functioning level and a great reduction in the level of pain. I felt I must learn to live with. I have continued maintenance carte sand attention to my injuries have kept me able to work and function at a higher level then I anticipated. I remain a faithful client to this woman and her healing arts.

Cheryl Keegan

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What brought me into the office was the following:
Chiropractic-Have been coming here for years. Was having major problems just trying to walk.
Acupuncture-Dealing with several emotional problems which were becoming overwhelming>
I am able to better deal with them & find acupuncture care brings it back into focus.

Both have been very beneficial to me in many areas of my life. Acupuncture can help immediately & I can see as difference right away.

Mary Paananen

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What brought you into our office for care?

ANSWER. Extreme lower back pain, primarily in the right side of the lumbar area

How do you feel about the results you received from the care?  How long did it take before you felt relief?

ANSWER: There was relief from the pain during the very first visit.  I was scheduled for two visits a week for the first months and then one/week.  During this treatment, other problems were found and corrected (shoe insert to correct my right leg congenital short).  In addition, the suggestion that I replace the cane I was using for a walking stick for better stability and to reduce the stooping or leaning forward while walking. 

Would you recommend someone else to our office?

Absolutely.  Dr. Meshew is a very competent Chiropractor and based on my observations with other doctors that I have seen from time to time, has the latest equipment to supplement her skills. 

Robert N.
Age: 88

Upper Back Pain Reviews

Causes of Upper Back Pain

There are many cause of upper back pain that contribute to this region of the spine. One of the primary causes is poor posture, especially sitting long hours at the computer. Other causative factors could possibly be thoracic outlet or lower neck trauma that block proper blood/nerve supply to the upper back region. Most of the time when we are feeling generalized stress in our daily lives, our upper back tends to hold the most tension, which in turn, can lead to upper back pain

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What brought me into the office for care was upper back pain that could not be ignored.


After deciding that I had endured my back pain long enough, I began making calls & as Fortune would have it, Dr. Meshew was the first to answer actually answer the phone.




I felt relief immediately from the severe pain over te following weeks of treatment. My back, neck & shoulder pain continued to diminish. My flexibility began to return as well.


I’ve offered Dr. Meshew’s name to several friends and family members.

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What brought me into the office for care was that I experienced numbness & tingling in my hands & wrist due to drumming & carpentry.
I read an article in “Modern drummer” magazine about treating my problem with Chiropractic care. So I found your office in the yellow pages & the rest is history.

Even though I still experience some of the symptoms from time to time, it is much better. And I can one again play through a whole set without dropping a stick or just plain slapping. The problem is starting to get better about 1 month of Chiropractic care and kept getting better from there on out.

Jon Connolly

Shoulder Pain Reviews

Causes of Shoulder Pain and Stiffness

Shoulder joints are very complicated and can lead to many different types of symptoms, depending upon the location and cause of condition. (*Note: it is imperative that if there has been trauma to the area, a detail exam to screen possible tearing is important)


Type of symptoms: (this could be an underlying thoracic outlet syndrome that can be brought on by: extra rib located art the base of the neck, trauma to the nerve root near the shoulder, etc.)


1. Restricted shoulder movement: reaching above the head, bringing the arm out into abduction resulting in possible clicking.


2. Painful sleeping on the shoulder


3. Burning and stabbing pain in the shoulder joint


4. Possible partial tear- of ligamentous structure surrounding the shoulder


5. Popping and clicking sound upon shoulder movement


6. Stabbing or throbbing pain in the shoulder without supporting the

shoulder in some way during sleep or sitting


7. Inability to pull shoulders back in proper posture form without pain or discomfort(tendency to round both or either shoulder upon standing or sitting)

5-Star Chiropractic Review.png


What brought me into Dr. Meshew's office originally was for allergies, shoulder, & hip pain, wrist pain, and emotional well-being with NET.  At first I felt "strange" (not pain free but different than before). Within weeks I felt GOOD! The NET (neuro-emotional technique) helped balance the Acupuncture & Chiropractic treatments. These techniques have helped me greatly with more energy, less pain, & great mobility.  I have recommended many patients to this clinic.   

Dr. Meshew is a "Miracle Worker".

Kristina S.

5-Star Chiropractic Review.png


What brought me into Dr. Meshew’s office was a “work-related” shoulder injury which turned out to actually be really related to my upper and lower back.  A “chance” encounter with one of Dr. Meshew’s patients who had suffered a similar injury resulted in her “referral”.

Results: The results from the care were both immediate and long term.  I re-gained color in my hand and soon regained most of the loss of movement. The relief has made my life easier and I have been able to work without the acute pain I experienced before.


Scott Wicklund

5-Star Chiropractic Review.png


What brought me into the office was shoulder & hip pain related to previous injuries.

Great!  Some of the results were felt as some relief almost immediately while other pain

Has taken longer to work out (as expected) since these are old injuries.  We even fixed some problems I didn’t even know I had!

I have recommended Dr. Meshew to others and will continue to.

Lauren  B.

5-Star Chiropractic Review.png


What brought me into the office for care was that I was so much pain in my left shoulder, neck and arm that I could hardly do any normal activities, including driving. I had been suffering from this shoulder pain for over 1 ½ years from an injury. I had not been able to lift my left arm above my shoulder level in that time.
I have always been a hard worker and I depend on my total body for my work. Being like this was as if I were disabled. I was very depressed.

Within one week I was able to move my head and the pain in my shoulder and neck was greatly relieved. Within 4 weeks, I am what I would consider 95% healed and am able to do every activity I am used to. My arm has free rotation in all directions and I am regaining the muscle strength . The relief from pain and ability to move freely is truly amazing (and wonderful!). No drugs. No shots.

Thank you Dr. Meshew!

Kathy Bender

5-Star Chiropractic Review.png


What brought me into the office was a frozen shoulder, need for Chiropractic alignment.

Significant pain reduction in shoulder, improvement after first visit.  Significant increase with range of motion.

I have recommended Dr. Meshew if asked, I share about my treatment.

Lynn B.

5-Star Chiropractic Review.png


….I had a bad car accident in 1989 that had injured my hip, low back, neck and left shoulder. I felt that Chiropractic would be helpful in keeping these problems at bay.  …Since I had started coming here I have had 2 on the job injuries for which I have also sought Chiropractic over the conventional therapies. The one involved my ankle and left hip. The second one involved the right shoulder.

I could not be happier with the results of my care. Dr. Meshew is very attuned to her patients and is an excellent Chiropractic practitioner. Her work on my long neglected injuries from my accident have brought me a higher functioning level and a great reduction in the level of pain. I felt I must learn to live with. Her continued maintenance and attention to my injuries have kept me able to work and function at a higher level than I anticipated.  I remain a faithful client to this woman and her healing arts.

Cheryl Keegan

TMJ  Reviews

Causes of Cranial / TMJ Disorders

TMJ discomfort along with cranial misalignment affects most of us sometime in our lives. One of the underlying causes is a congenital phenomena of perhaps inheriting a poor bite, trauma to the facial region, birth trauma, etc. Cranial alignment is most effective when there is the cooperation of a skilled TMJ dentistry that can work side by side with a Craniopath who is skilled in cranial restoration.


When the cranium is adjusted, it affects many Central nervous system functions within the brain and the

related nerves of the spine and pelvis. When we have chronic TMJ issues, we can have secondary conditions of popping, clicking upon talking or chewing, emotionally unstable, difficulty digesting food due to difficulty with mastication.

5-Star Chiropractic Review.png
TMJ Testimonial

TMJ Testimonial

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TMJ & Headaches

Symptoms: TMJ Pain along with headaches, neck and shoulder pain. What brought me into the office for care was TMJ disorder with my jaw along with headaches, neck & shoulder.

Results: I felt gradual improvement.  After 3 months of treatment I felt the relief from headaches. I could also shew without pain.

Ruth H.

Other Heath Care  Reviews

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